Services we offer:

  • Hardware:
    We provide installation, upgrade or replacement and troubleshooting of most PC and laptop hardware components down to motherboard level.
  • Software:
    We provide installation, upgrade and troubleshooting of Windows (XP, 7, 10, Server editions), Office (2007,2010,2013,2019), most third-party applications, also domain controllers, AD, Exchange setup and troubleshooting. We can also provide limited Linux assistance (Apache, PHP, MySQL), as well as limited Apple product assistance.
  • Networking:
    We provide the running of CAT-5 cabling, making up of fly-leads, installation of wallboxes. We also provide the setting up of office or home networks, setup and troubleshooting of switches and routers and Wi-Fi configuration and security. We can also extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network throughout your whole house or office without the need for any unsightly cabling or drilling of holes.
  • Domain and Website hosting: 
    We can provide domain registration, website hosting, creating, setting up and maintaining email addresses for the domain in question, as well as changing any DNS records that may be required, all to your specific needs.
  • Other services:
    We can provide support for most makes of cellphones and tablets, primarily Android, including email setup. We also do virus removal from PCs and laptops, as well as some data recovery within reasonable parameters.

Call us on: +27 79 799 7140          Email us at:

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